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Before working with Jill my Training wasn't a structured, no real commitment, no visible progress. I needed consistency, keeping the body healthy with no injuries despite the long and intense sessions

The daily feedback helped me learn a lot, the variety of sessions, improvements  During my time I have seen major improvements especially on the bike. Went from a max 20km to 60km ride with major speed improvements 

This is my area of improvement and Jill is helping me considerably to improve it

The open communication, good experience and the progressive plan helped me do things I never thought I would be able to do

If you considering training with Jill..

Hurry up :)



Running has always been a physical & mental challenge for me, I was just running with no specific plan & no training zones measurements.. I knew that I needed a running plan to complete the Marathon after 3 months. 

Jill helped me deal with the fear of long distance running, & to find a simple & an easy to follow plan. What she offered was really easy to follow, simple & yet so effective. The plan includes speed & power drills along with mobility drills to have a safe injury free runs 

I started to notice improvements in speed , power, my 5k time & many other measurements within the first couple of weeks.  The idea that I ran a Marathon after only 3 months of training was so thrilling for me!! 

I highly recommend working with Jill because not only did she keep me focused but I saw the results through a well structured plan & best support.

It was a pleasant, exciting journey..If you are wondering whether to start .... do it , you’ll enjoy it !