Why I need a Coach

A Coach is someone who helps develop a person to achieve a specific personal or professional goal through training and guidance.

When you start to train your ambitions grow, targets and goals tend to develop. To achieve these New goals, you need a combination of better fitness, technique, preparation and tactics…. this is where a knowledgeable coach comes in.

If you have worked with a coach before on a 1-1 basis you would know that there are endless amounts of benefits. I this blog I want to highlight my top 5 reasons why having a coach may be the answer to unlocking the doors to fitness success as you make the shift from just “training” to doing focused workouts to meet a goal.

The first reason might sound very simple – its individuality and structure. Coaches remove your guessed attempts at a plan, which can remove a massive amount of stress. When working with a Coach you can be assured that the plan is structured and prepared based on your needs and abilities. I am not saying that Workouts that have been randomly or generically produced for masses are bad, they are just not 100% specific to you and may be the limiting factor I you reaching specific goals.

The second reason is accountability. For me personally this is the biggest reason why I have a coach. If I know I only have myself to answer to then when those long 3-4 ride or turbo sessions, long runs and gross swim session are planned are easier dismissed. Knowing someone else is going to see if they miss or shorten a workout gets me out the door a little easier.

The third reason is closely linked with number 2, motivation. When hard sessions are planned, motivation can dip and as humans we want things easy. It can be easy to find excuses, but if you have a coach these excuses just don’t sit. From personal experience as a coach one I find that one of my main roles is to break down these barriers and hurdles.

The fourth reason is education. Everyone can read health articles and books about how to get fitter, but its often easier to learn from the professional. As a coach one of our main roles is to provide regular feedback and offer an explanation as to the why and what we are doing. An educated client is one that reaps the rewards in my experience.

The fifth and final reason is guidance and safeguarding. A coach can ensure that you are getting the right dose of training and that you are not doing it putting yourself at risk of overuse injuries or on the flipside that you are hitting the right intensities to elicit a response all of which can happen when you haphazardly train.

Well guys these are just a few of the reasons, but there are still many many more reasons why you need a coach. If the above resonated with you and you are ready to take ownership of your health and fitness book an online consultation with me and let me do the thinking for you and help you smash your fitness goals.

Until next episode stay healthy.

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