2019 Ironman 70.3 race review.....

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

And that is a wrap, Ironman 70.3 done and dusted.

Post race reflections.

Pre Race- In the lead up to the race I was very happy with the training I had put in and I was confident that if all went to plan that I would be set to beat my previous time.

Myself and few of the team arrived on the Thursday after a long drive to Bahrain from Riyadh. After checking in for the race and getting some food the day was gone, and with a big day ahead on the Friday, time to sleep.

Friday early doors we are up and headed to the practice area for a swim. Smooth, yet not so clear waters set the confidence high for the race. The rest of Friday was spent watching the young triathletes take part in a kids aquathon and running race. It truly is great to see so many kids be active.

Friday pm, time for dinner and some light-hearted banter with the team before what was meant to been early night. I am normally a great sleeper but not that night, my mind was wandering to the race and what ifs.

Race Day

Alarm @4am, time to get ready and head to the check-in area. Nerves are high but keeping busy and seeing all the athletes was enough to distract me.

6.30am we line up at the start line, the heartbeat pre start sound goes and 3-2-1 we are off.

Swim- a smooth swim in calm waters set for a comfortable start, 1900m later I make my way into the transition (T1) where I de-suited and suited up for the bike. Transitions were much better this year. Last year I think I was drying my hair and putting my make up on the amount of time I spent there haha.

Bike time- A 90km ride ahead. The weather and route was great, with the exception of one small part my times were as predicted. I fueled as intended with 0 issues and I came in with the time I wanted.

Run- It is the the last part of the race...... 21km and you are home, going from the bike to the run is always an interesting feeling. Starting the run my legs were still rolling from all the pedaling which made for a fast start. Up until 10km my times we better than predicted, I was buzzing….. then came km 12 and cement started to trickle in my legs, in went more fuel and that helped me for a little while, but at 14km times started to dwindle off and hips were not letting me do what I wanted. Some walking happened and sadly I did not hit the time I desired and missed the goal time by 5 minutes. It’s a funny thing when you are so close to the end, but every 10m running feels like a km and more.

At 6.05 I ran down the red carpet, welcomed home by a crowd of cheering supporters. I said from the beginning the thing that keeps you going is the supporters, without them things would be very hard.

My final thoughts and feelings are of satisfaction. It is a race, but to me it was much more than that, it was a special time where I was surrounded with amazing like-minded people and loved ones. I wish every weekend could be like this……

Until next week stay healthy.

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