Create and maintain a “healthy life”. Or whatever that means……

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Today’s blog provides some tips and tricks to help you find out, create and maintain a “healthy life”. Or whatever that means.

By Definition- health is the complete state of mental, physical and social well being”and includes healthy eating, physical activities, weight management, and stress management.

That embodies a lot.

When someone asks me how do I become healthier? or tells me I am at the gym to be healthier what do I have to do? I often reply with “what do you mean?" Based on the above definition there are many factors with many sub factors to consider and to give one quick answer is impossible, albeit I was it was simple and I had the answer as I would be sitting in my gold island.

So when I reply the question, the reaction that follows is always the same, the facial expression that says “ what did I just say? I have no idea what I mean, but I thought that Jill would know because she is a coach and I need a one line answer……..

I always relate this to going to a restaurant and saying to the waiter I want to order food. What type of food do you want? How much food do you want? Do you want to sit in or takeaway? Are you allergic to anything?

Faced with all these menu options and no clear specific objective, I most probably will order something I don’t want, need and not come back again. Well the same goes for this blanket comment.

Health takes on a multitude of factors. Many people that are deemed healthy gym goers may not be “healthy" and non gym goers that don’t enter a gym may be healthy.

Back to creating a “healthy life”. Which I will now to rephrase to living a life that keeps me illness free, creates happiness and enables me to reach specific goals that I set for myself. How do I achieve it?

Well you set goals, and in order to achieve these goals we must apply a Goal setting strategy. To do this it is simple. You need the following

1- A readiness to change- What does this mean? Well simply put why are you choosing to do this race, why are you choosing to lose fat, why are you joining this particular gym? Is this a decision that has been influenced by peers, social media family? If it is not 100% determined by you this action to create your healthy lifestyle is already flawed. Change based on what you desire, it’s a short life to do something that you are not fully onboard with. A lot of people start things and never finish and that’s ok, perhaps it is not meant for you at this time or ever. As long as you can identify why. The worst thing to do is repeat the same thing over and over again with the same mindset or action and expect a different result.

2- A bullet proof plan. I always talk about this with not only fitness clients but family and friends. I quote "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail”

Using the SMART goal setting principle with very clear objectives will set you up for success.

Get Specific, like really specific of what it is that you want.

Measure how are you measuring this, if there are no measures you cannot see if you are progressing and that just demotivating, can you actually attain this?

Now I know I said if you set goals you are bullet proof, but if the goal is so unrealistic that know that from the start. It might be out of reach in the time domain for now, but could be on the longer run. it should be attainable.

Relevant to your conditions are there other unchangeable circumstances that will prevent this from happening?

Timed- be clear with time lines and setting regular bench marks.

3- Establish a network of support or persons to be accountable to - when you have to answer to yourself you are more likely not to be as committed as sad as that sounds. So involve your friends / family or a person that will put you in line when you start to slack. We all should have these tough lovers in our lives.

4- Establish your non-negotiables – I cannot emphasis these enough. For me there are things in my daily life that I know if I don’t do it will slow my progress, make me less enthused, or feel out of sorts. I always prioritize my non-negotiables meaning that regardless of what the day holds, whether it be a change in schedule, they will be done. This all comes down to management and back to my fail to prepare then prepare to fail comment. These daily actions make you stronger.

5- Understand and identify patterns in your behaviour when you may relapse. Do certain people or do you put yourself in situations that stifle your progression? If so identify them and get rid of it. Keep an inner group for people that fire you up and support you. Its really that simple, have the mindset that nothing will prevent you reaching that goal.

This topic really lights me up and I hope you enjoyed this blog. If something resonated in you while reading book you initial consultation with me and let's set goals!

Until next week

Stay healthy


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