Keep it simple.

As a coach who has worked in the industry for over 13 years, I have seen so many trends, diets, thoughts, new research and everything else in between filter in the industry. Meaning right now there is an abundance of information quoting, do this for the best this, eat this for this, stretch this for this, join this program for this, buy this new technology/ app to track this that and the other.

I regularly say that too much of anything is never a good thing, same goes for all this information.

For most of you reading fitness is an enigma of big words and approaches and never really knowing what the hell to do.

I wanted to give you 10 points when it comes to your fitness, nutrition and health


1- Find what you enjoy – this comes with trail and error, like most things in life.

2- Find a community you relate to and supports you.

3- Find a reputable coach- use professional searching sites such as CrossFit trainer directory, training peaks coach search for example.

4- Unless you are planning to compete in race or compete professionally attending a good variety of classes will be suffice for fitness and health.

5- If you are looking the edge and competing is the goal, invest in a coach.

6- Try to minimize noise of nonsense, there is a lot of that out there. Restrict your reading to reputable, science backed sources.

7- Always question the why.

8- Understand that not everything will work for you, if you are not fully on board and wanting to change.

9- Be sure that you have a healthy balance and relationship with your nutrition and fitness

10- Lastly - Remember that whatever you choose to do, make it realistic and doable for the long term.

Until next time

Stay healthy


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